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Welcome To YourMusicInsider.com!

YourMusicInsider.com (or YMI for short) is a website dedicated to connecting expert musicians with music creators to produce great music.

These are musicians on the “inside” of the industry with years of experience ready to help save you money and help you achieve the best sound possible.

Some topics covered include: instruments guides, equipment reviews, accessories, guides on how to get the best sound, and more!


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Meet Your Music Insiders!

Simon Morgan is the Lead Guitar Insider here at YourMusicInsider.com.

Simon is originally from the UK, and has been playing for over 20 years. He counts Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and B.B. King as his biggest influences.

Look for updates and reviews about all the latest guitar gear from Simon as he shares his knowledge and expertise with you

Simon Morgan


Russell is the Lead Drums insider here at YourMusicInsider.

He has been a professional drummer, producer and audio engineer for over 10 years. He has worked extensively in the music industry in London UK, and from his own dedicated recording studio has tracked drums for a huge range of artists worldwide. 

Pouring over countless drum magazines and articles, whilst accumulating a huge arsenal of drums, cymbals and electronics for his own work…he has gained that true ‘Insider’ knowledge of the equipment that really makes the grade. 

Russell Keeble


Shane is the founder and managing editor here at YourMusicInsider.

Shane has been a lover all things music for as long as he can remember. Naturally, the first band he fell in love with was AC/DC jamming out with his Dad on morning and evening commutes back and forth to school.

Music can motivate us, inspire us, provide for relaxation, energize, and frighten. There are very few things in this world as powerful as music. 

That said, Shane sees the music world broken up into 2 groups: music creators and music consumers.

Music creators should be empowered via mentors and trained via expert musicians. And without music creators, we don’t have any music consumers, which is why Shane founded YourMusicInsider.com to help empower creators and to connect them with experts to produce great music.

Shane Johnson